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Skribent: Abdirham

  • Recensionen läggs till: 11/06/2019
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

In my personal experience, Raw Powders products are consistently clean and very high quality. I highly recommend their products even to my family members cause it saved me a lot of money than going to the doctor and ask for a prescription for my nervous anxiety.

Skribent: Lucio Han

  • Recensionen läggs till: 02/04/2019
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

At first, I don't know what to expect on this product as I have never used any supplement before. I've had problems with my mood and I am demotivated with my life lately. This product has helped me a lot in my everyday life. On top of that, it doesn't require you to add anything as there is no flavour. So, I will keep my eyes on other supplements to this shop. :)

Skribent: Divino Ridz

  • Recensionen läggs till: 29/11/2018
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

I prefer Raw Powders cause it is economical and I know that it is 100% Natural hence it won't affect the effectiveness. Their customer service did a great job when I dunno what to buy for my problem. Thanks, guys!

Skribent: Conde Mann

  • Recensionen läggs till: 06/09/2018
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

I have been taking multiple products to help me improve my mood, I also took SAM-E and St. John's Wort but not prescribed by my doctor. I've been using L-Tyrosine from Raw Powders for a few weeks now and experienced a noticeable result in my mood immediately. I take this with GABA to help me improve my sleep as well. I will reorder again.

Skribent: Mia Kune

  • Recensionen läggs till: 24/07/2018
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

This product helped my husband as we are looking for help in the area of personal dysfunction. We tried everything that we found online but still no luck. And now, we got a baby! Thanks to this supplement.

Skribent: Lijo Uhacq

  • Recensionen läggs till: 29/05/2018
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

Waiting for my supplement to arrive. Hope it works to me! :)

Skribent: Johnny Dell

  • Recensionen läggs till: 16/05/2017
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

This is a great alternative to more dangerous ADHD medications out there. After long research, I got off Adderall XR and I'm taking 500mg twice daily cause I have an Adult ADHD. Im scared of using it long term cause of the damage it may do to my nerves. Gladly, I found this product that helped me with my ADHD. No more Adderall for me.

Skribent: John

  • Recensionen läggs till: 01/10/2015
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

This product was recommended to me by my nutritionist when asking about preworkouts as I really don't like that "buzzing" (wired/ shakey) feeling you can get with some preworkouts. I really like this! I take it before my workouts and also being a shift worker I sometimes take it on my early starts to give me that pick me up. I feel it gives me enough of a boost to get me going during my workouts and as others have stated its a good mood booster without suffering the come up buzz and come down slump/ shakes when it wears off. I mix it with juice and taste is okay. Just get it down you and go! :-)

Skribent: Raymond Brady

  • Recensionen läggs till: 31/08/2015
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

People with Anxiety or Depression can benefit from taking L-Tyrosine. I tried it myself, Ive been suffering from clinical depression since then and I don't want to take any medications cause I'm afraid there will be a backfire when I stop. Months of taking this, I noticed a big difference to myself and I can now focus. I take it with GABA for my sleep.

Skribent: Corneo

  • Recensionen läggs till: 18/02/2015
  • Genomsnittligt betyg:

I mix it with my morning smoothie along with my Raw Powders 5-HTP and I cannot taste it at all. Since I've started adding these to my smoothie, I feel calmer and less cranky throughout the day. Also, it seems that it reduces the effects of stress.

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